The Programme

We are committed to working with schools to help students have high aspirations for their future.  Our new CEIAG programme is split into three sections, each of which contains a headline presentation, a number of classroom-based workshops and independent learning activities.


Starting with a twenty-minute presentation, this section introduces students to the Four Keys to Success: Aim High, Take Control, Work Hard & Persevere and Keep Changing & Adapting.  Building on the theme of Inspiration, workshops include Imagine my Future and Map my Dreams.  Away from the classroom, students are able to undertake independent activities to support the workshops and build further on the theme.


The next part of the journey centres on Exploration, beginning with a presentation encouraging students to explore their strengths and aspirations, the careers available and the labour market.  Workshops in this section include A World of Jobs; Jobs of the Future and My Street, My Town, My Region, which looks at the local labour market and asks students to expand their horizons.


In a world dominated by information and social media, the need to be prepared has only become more important.  Beginning with a presentation about Job Hunting in the 21st Century, this final part of the programme helps students to become ready for the challenges they will face on leaving school.  Whilst containing the traditional CV and interview skills topics normally associated with a careers education programme, it also introduces networking and profile management to enable students to make the most of up-to-date practices.

Independent learning activities for this section include students putting together a portfolio of achievements and determining any gaps they may have in their experiences or learning.